Ruh Khitch

Ruh Khitch, literally translated as ‘Spirit Pulling’, refers to the way the photographer puts his hand inside the camera and pulls out the photograph. The secret of this magical process is inside the camera which is just large enough to contain two trays of chemicals. This mini darkroom on legs allows an image to be shot and processed within two minutes. The first step produces a negative on photographic paper. This is then re-photographed to create a positive likeness.

Ganda Nalla

A Short History of Water in the Punjab 2009


Ganda Nallas or, open sewers, run through the city and affect the health of those people who have no choice but to live near them or work with or around these areas. Though unaware of the long term risks to health it is never out of choice that people work in such disagreeable conditions. These photographs show the historic architecture of water and the people who have to work within the water economy.